Per my daily morning routine, I stopped in for coffee at one of my favorite places to go, a little family owned place in a small town north of Baltimore. As I was drinking my coffee, I noticed a father and son, sitting at a table, talking. I don’t know what the topic was, but whatever it was, it was important to the child. In child like voice and fun expressions he talked while his father sat and listened. This was a bit of a challenge to his father as he was also trying to get his son prepared for school. Yet, the father was patient to listen to his son.

Bread Pudding To Write Or Not To Write Bear Valley Clint Plyler Publishing

A Cinnamon Bread Pudding Delight

In that moment as I enjoyed my treasure of a coffee and a cinnamon bread pudding breakfast delight, I realized that the real treasure of that morning was transpiring at the other table. A father and a son simply talking, a father allowing his son to talk in a child like manner. That little conversation reminded me of the importance of spending time together, talking together, and reading together. It reminded me of why I write books for children to read.

Why I write

Here is what I hope for any book that I write, if in the moment of a day someone can read to a child, then that is a wonderful moment. In the busyness and chaos of life, if we can carve out some time to engage with a child in a wholesome way, if we can use the means of a book, then we can kindle their imagination and establish a connection with them. We all know that there are many other things wrestling for their attention and our own. Why not take a moment and read to them. Everything they will ever be in life rests upon the foundation of reading and writing. The question of whether to write or not to write for me isn't really a question at all. It is important to write good things so that there are good things to read for good people to read them to. To write or not to write, no, I write for kids and parents so that they can take some time to read together. Their minds, imagination, and future is too important for me to not write.

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