The Bear Ridge Books

The Midnight Howler

What is that scary sound, coming from town? “Wooooomp Waaaaooooomp Woooompa!” Is it a Bear or a Moose? Perhaps it is a train caboose? Whatever it is, it keeps the cubs awake at night. Follow Maya and Penny as they discover the source of the scary sound. But do not fear, Papa and Momma are near!

The Grand Ole Tree

The Grand Ole Tree

Long before there was a town in Bear Ridge, there was a little, Christmas tree farm. This farm brought joy to families far and near. On that farm grew a skinny, little oak whose greatest wish was to be a Christmas tree. But, who wants an oak tree for Christmas? Discover what happens to the oak in The Grand Ole Tree.

Night Night Hamlet

Nestled in the hills of Bear Ridge is a small and beautiful town. On the edge of town, up on the side of the hill, is a warm and friendly den where the Bear family lives. Momma and Papa Bear welcome you to visit their den. Their cubs Penny and Maya would love to meet you too! Come and walk with them through the streets of Bear Ridge. Look into the store windows and see the sites of the town. Stop by the Honeysuckle diner and meet Polar Bear waiter who would be happy to serve you cakes and cookies. Bear Ridge is a great place to visit, you are welcome to come by and see what new adventures happen next in this wonderful town.

Clint Plyler Publishing Night Night Hamlet Bear Ridge Book One

Captain Dan's Sweet Adventure

Dan, the Polar Bear, wants to bake cakes and make cookies. Where do you bake cakes in a place that is full of ice? Imagine his surprise when he finds a boat for free! He uses it to float to a place where his baking dreams come true. Join Dan and Lucile as they travel through the river’s twists and turns to the town of Bear Ridge. That’s where they meet Yukon Yellow, a fun fellow, who introduces them to the people of Bear Ridge. Discover how they find the perfect place to build their diner. Meet Sarah Squirrel who has just the thing they need to open that new diner.

Buenas Noches a La Aldea

Ubicado en las colinas de Bear Ridge queda un pueblito pero hermoso. En las afueras del pueblito, en la ladera de una colina, hay una guarida cálida y amigable donde vive la familia Oso. Mamá y Papá Oso te invitan a visitar su guarida. Los cachorros de Mamá y Papá Oso, Penny y Maya les encantaría conocerlos, también. Ven y camina con ellos por las calles de Bear Ridge, para ver dentro los escaparates de las tiendas y además para ver los sitios del pueblito. Ven a conocer el mesero Oso Polar al que le encanta servirle pasteles y galletas en el restaurante Honeysuckle Diner. Bear Ridge es un gran lugar para visitar, les invitamos a venir y ver qué nuevas aventuras suceden a continuación en esta pueblito.

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