Papa Bear

Papa bear is the father of the Bear family. He loves hot tea with honey.He works for Beaver’s Better Builder’s Incorporated building all sorts of things. Papa bear loves his family.

Momma Bear

Mamma bear is the mother of the Bear family. A panda from far away, she helps her family every day. She is the heart and soul of the bear family. She likes strawberries and makes amazing hot apple cider.


Maya is the oldest cub in the bear family. Smart and quiet. She loves to climb to the top of the Grand Ole Tree and jumping into big piles of leaves.


Penny is the younger sister of Maya.  She’s fun, adventurous, and sure to speak her mind! She loves the cookies at the Honeysuckle Diner.

Captain Dan

Dan owns the Honeysuckle Diner with his wife Lucile. He loves to cook and sing. Dan and Lucile adventured down river in an old tugboat to make Bear Ridge their home. You can learn about their adventure in "Captain Dan’s Sweet Adventure."


Lucile is a co-owner of the Honeysuckle diner. She is married to Dan and loves their new home in Bear Ridge. She is sweet, sensible, and smart.

Mayor Bowler

Mayor Bowler is the elected leader of the town. He is a sharp dresser and loves town festivals. He is the founder of the Annual Christmas celebration.

Chief Finnegan

Chief Finnegan cares for Bear Ridge.  He works at the Fire House keeping things in order, He is ready to help whenever there is need. He works closely with Mayor Bowler to keep the town safe from disaster.

The Grand Ole Tree

The Grand Ole Tree is the oldest oak tree in all of Bear Ridge. This tree was planted long before Bear Ridge was a town. He is the star of the annual Christmas Celebration. He is so awesome, that he has his own book, The Grand Ole Tree.

Fox, The Banker

Mr. Fox is the Banker in Bear Ridge.  He isn’t the only fox in town, but he is the one that helps keep people’s money safe.  Mr. Fox helped to make the Honeysuckle Diner a reality.

Sarah Squirrel

Sarah Squirrel is the handiest person in Bear Ridge. She can fix or build anything! She owns a tugboat, has an amazing fixit shop, and is smart with her money!

Yukon Yellow

“Jimminy Skipper!”  The friendliest fellow south of the Yukon, is Yukon Yellow. A rugged adventurer with a kind heart. He will help you paint your walls or play music at town hall. He owns a farm and loves to play old instruments.

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