About The Author

Clint Plyler is a southern born writer with a northern home. Born and raised in South Carolina, he now lives in Pennsylvania with his beautiful wife April and three wonderful children. You will often find him at the nearest coffee shop with his laptop and sketch book, writing or sketching. South Carolina is known for its 187 miles of coastline, beautiful lush gardens, historic sites and Southern plantations, colonial, African and European cultures, and its growing economic development. Author Sharon Hernes Silverman calls Pennsylvania the snack food capital of the world. We think that may be the reason Clint settled there! The U.S. chocolate industry is also centered in Hershey, Pennsylvania, with Mars, Godiva, and Wilbur Chocolate Company nearby, and smaller manufacturers such as Asher’s in Souderton, and Gertrude Hawk Chocolates of Dunmore.

Clint Plyler Family
Educated in both design and pastoral ministries, he is equally passionate about designing products, writing books, and engaging in a good discussion about theology. When he is not working on one of those things, you will find him exploring the great outdoors. Yes, he eats both southern style grits and good Pennsylvania pizza; perhaps not at the same time.

About The Illustrator

Tami Boyce is a Charleston-based illustrator and graphic designer with a fun and whimsical style.  She has possessed a love of drawing for as long as she can remember, and she considers herself lucky to be able to incorporate what she loves into her career. Tami Boyce is the illustrator for the first book, Night Night Hamlet. She is also illustrating the next book to be released soon.

“Drawing has been my passion for as long as I can remember, and since age five, my style hasn’t really changed. I love sharing my art in hopes that it brings a smile to your face.” — Tami Boyce, Illustrator.

Tammy Boyce Illustrator Night Night Hamlet Clint Plyler Publishing

• Find more about Tami at her website: https://tamiboyce.com/