Gifford Pinchot State Park - York county, PA

I went for a hike with my family at Pinchot State Park in York county, PA. We enjoyed getting out in nature. this park is characterized by its large dam and various hiking trails. Our favorite part of the park is walking up the broad, rocky river bed. Here are some cool sights we saw.

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Monster faced rock.

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The side of the same rock looks like a lion.

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An old, mysterious, stone structure by the water.

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We lined up some rocks on an old log.

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It's common to find these stone structures in the creek bed area.  We made this one.

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Pretty view of the creek.

Columbia River Park - Columbia, PA

Another day, my kids and I traveled to the Columbia River Park in Columbia, PA. It was a smaller park, but it was fun to walk under the bridge and up to the river.

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The Veterans Memorial bridge.

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Bridge stretching over the water.

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A large grasshopper statue made of metal.

Chickies Rock County Park - Lancaster county, PA

Here are some more nice pictures. My children and I visited this park after we visited the Columbia River Park. This park, Chickies Rock County Park, is a small spot of land with hiking trails that overlook the river. It is a very pretty place.

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Overlooking the river.

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View of the park.

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