Coming Soon To Clint Plyler Publishing

Clint tells us, “There is a boat load of stuff coming (new books, cartoons, a cool map of bear ridge!). Can’t wait!”

“Thanks for visiting Bear Ridge. We are so glad to have you visit our site and learn about the town and all of the people that live there. Here are some wonderful new things coming to Bear Ridge. We hope that you will enjoy these!” – Clint Plyler

Racoon Sketch Clint Plyler Publishing
Sketch by Tami Boyce, Illustrator.

• A Spanish Version of Night Night Hamlet, this should be released in the summer of 2019
• A New book about a Christmas Tree in Bear Ridge, this should be released in the summer of 2019
• A Map of Bear Ridge that will show the town and where some of the characters live
• A new cartoon to accompany the new book about a Christmas tree.

Thanks again for visiting the site and reading the books.