Meet our Team

Clint Plyler

Clint Plyler, the author and publisher of Bear Ridge books, was born and raised in South Carolina. He loves his family, writing, outdoor adventures, and drinking coffee. The inspiration for his writing comes from his family, the unique places he has traveled, and the desire to be creative. He loves to invent new worlds, places, and characters. Clint Plyler studied engineering, theology, and has served in the U. S. military.

Tammy Boyce Illustrator Night Night Hamlet Clint Plyler Publishing

Tami Boyce

Tami Boyce is a Charleston-based illustrator and graphic designer with a fun and whimsical style.  She has possessed a love of drawing for as long as she can remember, and she considers herself lucky to be able to incorporate what she loves into her career. Tami Boyce is the illustrator of "The Grand Ole Tree" and the first book "Night Night Hamlet".

“Drawing has been my passion for as long as I can remember, and since age five, my style hasn’t really changed. I love sharing my art in hopes that it brings a smile to your face.” — Tami Boyce, Illustrator.

Find more about Tami at her website