The Mean Streets of Baltimore

I am a man of many hats. Ball caps, fishing hats, big straw hats that I use for working in the yard, and a bunch of old hats that I used to wear in the military. One of my hats is an engineering hat that I wear to support the design needs of a company … Read more

To Write Or Not To Write, That Is Not The Question

Per my daily morning routine, I stopped in for coffee at one of my favorite places to go, a little family owned place in a small town north of Baltimore. As I was drinking my coffee, I noticed a father and son, sitting at a table, talking. I don’t know what the topic was, but whatever it was, it was important to the child. In child like voice and fun expressions he talked while his father sat and listened. This was a bit of a challenge to his father as he was also trying to get his son prepared for school. Yet, the father was patient to listen to his son.

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