The man on the front porch.

From East to West

I met the man on the front porch tonight on my evening walk, on a no-named street in Zanesville, OH. I stopped here for the night on my way from the east to the west. I said hello to him, we did not exchange names. You know, just courtesy, especially from a southern boy like me. But he replied, and we kept on talking.

Second Chances

The old fella had just recovered from some hospital stays for things he wasn't even certain about. "Not sure what it was" he said, "maybe a heart attack, I just woke up in the hospital." He mentioned he was lonely, sitting there on the porch. We small talked about the news, he told me he used to drive trucks for a living "52 years" he was quick to insert. "Second chance" he added. That's what he was given. A second chance, his words, not mine. I mentioned Jesus must not be through with him yet. He smiled and said, "I guess not."

Ordinary Houses for Ordinary People

Who was the lonely old man, I didn't even catch his name, nor did he mine. I walked the street, and there were more people. Two ladies smoking, laughing. Two older men just coming back from a fishing trip, "they aren't biting too good right now" they told me as I asked walking by. Houses, just ordinary houses for ordinary people. They all need to know what the old fella said, that they are given second chances. Jesus loves them all. The lonely lost people of Zanesville and your town. They need to know that Jesus gives second chances, and more chances than that. "For the Son of Man has come to seek and to save that which was lost (Luke 19:10 NASB)."


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If you would like to visit the people of Zanesville, this might be a good place to start.

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