Spring and summer travel montage, Part 4

Cincinnati, OH – “The Queen of the West” On June 1, my family and I stayed in Cincinnati, Ohio for a week. It was very relaxing and more enjoyable than we anticipated. While we were there, we explored the city, the outskirts, and nearby Kentucky. Cincinnati is a very beautiful city with a lot of … Read more

Spring and summer travel montage, Part 3

Airport Artwork Traveling a lot means that you will be in a car or in a plane often. During my traveling this spring and summer, I found some really cool stuff in the airports. Here are some pictures of beautiful art I found.   Column covered with colorful flowers in St. Louis, MO.   A … Read more

Spring and summer travel montage, Part 2

Gifford Pinchot State Park – York county, PA I went for a hike with my family at Pinchot State Park in York county, PA. We enjoyed getting out in nature. this park is characterized by its large dam and various hiking trails. Our favorite part of the park is walking up the broad, rocky river … Read more

Spring and summer travel montage, Part 1

*I accidentally deleted the original pictures from my trip.  The following images are from other sources. Credit is given to the owners of the images below each picture. A stop in Zanesville, Ohio* I stopped in Zanesville, Ohio on my way from Pennsylvania to St. Louis on June 5th, 2020.  I needed a rest on … Read more

The Human Imagination

Imagination may be the most important ability that humans possess. It serves us well, both as children and as adults. Our imagination provides the greatest of ideas and the most energetic spark of motivation to inspire us to embark on new adventures.

The Mean Streets of Baltimore

I am a man of many hats. Ball caps, fishing hats, big straw hats that I use for working in the yard, and a bunch of old hats that I used to wear in the military. One of my hats is an engineering hat that I wear to support the design needs of a company … Read more

To Write Or Not To Write, That Is Not The Question

Per my daily morning routine, I stopped in for coffee at one of my favorite places to go, a little family owned place in a small town north of Baltimore. As I was drinking my coffee, I noticed a father and son, sitting at a table, talking. I don’t know what the topic was, but whatever it was, it was important to the child. In child like voice and fun expressions he talked while his father sat and listened. This was a bit of a challenge to his father as he was also trying to get his son prepared for school. Yet, the father was patient to listen to his son.

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Book Illustration An Art Form

Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia, tells us, “The illustration of manuscript books was well established in ancient times, and the tradition of the illuminated manuscript thrived in the West until the invention of printing. Other parts of the world had comparable traditions, such as the Persian miniature. Modern book illustration comes from the 15th-century woodcut illustrations that were fairly rapidly included in early printed books, and later block books. Other techniques such as engraving, etching, lithography and various kinds of color printing were to expand the possibilities and were exploited by such masters as Daumier, Doré or Gavarni.”

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