Helping those in need!

What is Bears Share?

Bears Share is our way of helping people in need. There are children all over the world that need many things. Our hope is to provide a moment of rest for the mind of a child in the midst of dark times. We do this by sending things like books, toys, and coloring pages for children in need. When a family has to flee their home, these small things might not be carried with them. Yet, those small things, for those smallest of people, are critical to the child.

How did we start?

The idea of using BearRidge books as a charitable outlet was with us from the start. We have given books to schools, teachers, and other organizations privately for several years.  But in February of 2022, a war erupted in Ukraine. While watching news coverage, we saw the image of a child's teddy bear in the rubble of a bombed building. That image was the catalyst to do something. It was as if the image was speaking to us, "the children need help now!" We quickly mobilized, reaching out to our contacts in Ukraine who connected us with contacts in Romania. Thus, Bears Share was launched.
We will be filing for 501c3 status soon. But we are already sending supplies to Ukraine because the children cannot wait!

What are we presently working on?

The war in Ukraine has displaced thousands of people. Included in that displacement are thousands of children. Their families, homes, education, friends, everything has been disrupted. Some of them have seen the horrors of war.  There are refugee centers in several countries where people are going.  One such place is Romania.
Presently Bears Share is helping to provide toys, books, and coloring materials (crayons, etc) to a charitable organization in Romania. This organization, Asociatia O Kairos, is directly helping refugees coming into Poland. You can learn more about their organization here.
Asociatia O Kairos

"Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these"

(Matthew 9:14 NIV)

How can you help?

WE would love your help.  If you want to help there are several things that you can do
  1. If you pray, then please pray for these children
  2. If you would like to directly support the agency in Romania, go to their Facebook page and message them. They will gladly tell you have to give to their organization. Click here to contact them.
  3. If you would like to help send toys to the children, please reach out to us. Please put a brief message about your desire to help and hit send. Your message goes directly to our email address address.

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