What is Bear Ridge Books?

Bear Ridge Books is a small, children’s book company that strives to create wholesome, fun content for children. Started in 2018, it currently has two books – “Night Night Hamlet” and “The Grand Ole Tree” – and several in the making. Clint Plyler, the author of Bear Ridge Books, started the company in 2018. When asked about the creation of Bear Ridge and the company Bear Ridge Books, he said,

“I wanted to create a place where the creative world could come to life. A place where fictional creatures and places become real.  Through the lives of the characters, adventure awaits.  From an artistic point of view, Bear Ridge provides a place where writers, illustrators, and other artists can express themselves. Here they can come together to bring these ideas to life.”
Clint Plyler

Bear Ridge Books provides an outlet of creativity for children reading the books and for our team of creators working on the books. So far, Bear Ridge Books has had the privilege of partnering with illustrator Tami Boyce and with Prayan Animation. 

"Working on Night Night Hamlet" as the illustrator was such a fun and rewarding experience! As was collaborating with Clint. He was great. He always had fun details for me to add into the scenes and was very open to my visual suggestions. I am already in love with the characters of the hamlet and I am so excited to explore the other ideas Clint has for the series."
Tammy Boyce Illustrator Night Night Hamlet Clint Plyler Publishing
Tami Boyce